Shazil Pervez

Director of Product Management, Scotiabank

About this speaker

Shazil is currently a Director of Product Management leading a team of 6 product managers for the payments team at Scotiabank. He loves to coach and empower teams to build products that help delight the customers.

Throughout his career, Shazil has worked across 14 plus countries in Asia Pacific, South Asia, Europe and Middle East with a vast experience in leading teams and also launching products from zero to one.

Having worked in companies at different stages of product maturity, Shazil works with teams to get the best out of the current product management tools present at the company while always aspiring to grow and become better in the domain.

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Panel: Empowering innovation - creating agile product management teams

19 October 2023, 03:15 PM
Shazil Pervez Nikita Gorshkov Diego Felix Dos Santos Kevin Washington