Ashwin Singhania

Co-founder & CPO,

About this speaker

As a Co-founder and the Chief Product Officer of, Ashwin has transformed how product teams approach closing the customer feedback loop. 

A visionary product leader at the forefront of generative AI with an impressive ten-year track record, Ashwin has led exceptional consumer and enterprise software products teams, most notably at Amazon.

Ashwin’s teams shaped the question-and-answer experience and natural language AI technology of Amazon Alexa. Despite operating within a seemingly boundless environment, Ashwin's teams struggled to translate feedback from millions of customers into actionable insights efficiently.

Motivated by this expensive pain point, Ashwin co-founded to address this industry-wide predicament. Unwrap has reshaped customer feedback analysis for product teams at GitHub, Lyft, and JetBlue, to name a few. 

Ashwin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara.


Discover what your customers need most, in half the time: How AI can supercharge your customer feedback loop

19 October 2023, 02:45 PM
Ashwin Singhania